Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday- Robyn

MJ Back here, with music monday:) So I know I've put the top video up before, but I think it should be repeated. This is Robyn. In case you've missed her lately, remember the sugar pop Robyn from the late 90s? Yeah, lol. I like this version better. She's on my crush list:)

1. Cobrastyle:) On the playlist for the new YA I'm working on. I love it.

2. Be Mine - I love her homage to Madonna with the little kid:) It's complete with her "Who's that Girl" t-shirt.

3. Hang With Me - :)

4. Call Your Girlfriend - I saw a comment on youtube with this one that cracked me up. They guy (basically) said "yeah, whenever I have relationship problems, I go to an abandoned warehouse and dance that shit out." I like it. lol.

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