Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia

An abbreviated list of actual things that have been said to Mj and/or Piper:

"Ew. Girls together freak me out."

"Don't you think you're being greedy?"

"You're bi? That's hot. Do you and your girlfriend do threesomes?"

"Sweeet. Bi chicks are sluts."

"You'll just cheat on me with a girl/guy."

"Just admit you're a lesbian."

"You have to be straight. You look too girly."

"There's no such thing as bisexuality."

"Get off the fence."

"You're just doing it to get attention."

"Can't you just be straight? It's easier."

"That should be illegal."

"Do you really.... well, you know, with girls? Ew, I could never do that."

"I can't believe you've touched penises."

"No man will want you if you sleep with a woman."

"Gay guys are hot but girls...that's kind of gross."

Here's what we have to say. Homophobia of ANY type is bullshit.

(And gross douchey comments aren't much better)

Respect love of all sorts. In the end, it's pretty much all we have.

In celebration of what we hope will be a step towards ending homophobia Piper and MJ are giving away an e-copy of any of our combined titles (Moonlight Becomes You, The Luckiest, One Small Thing). The other ones are free anyway:)

Rules are as follows:

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Contest ends: 5/20/12 at 11:59 PM Pacific time

Note: This contest is open worldwide. We will contact the winner via email. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to us, or we will draw again. Winner will be chosen by random drawing. And I know it shouldn’t have to be said, but if you win, please respect the intellectual property of the author and don’t share the book or give it away to anyone else. 

 ~*This contest is open to adults age 18 and up. Your comment confirms that you are of legal age.*~


  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for taking part in the hop :)

  2. Awesome post: I think people should just HTFU and let people live their own lives. I think it is beautiful no matter who you love. I am glad I know you both - even if it is just in the virtual sense.

  3. Great post :) Working my way through the hop; love the idea and great how many people have taken part.
    (don't count me in the draw - have two of the books in my tbr pile. I was trying not to buy more books until the pile was smaller but they looked so tempting!).

  4. Great post! As long as all are consenting adults, nothing else should matter!
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  5. ~snort~ I can't believe you've touched penis's either:)! Great post girls!!

  6. Wonderful post! Sadly, I've heard many of those comments way too many times. This Hop was a terrific idea, though I wish it weren't neccessary. It seems fitting to share with ya'll some lyrics from one of my favorite songs, "Bully" by Shinedown...

    It's 8 AM, this hell I'm in
    Seems I've crossed a line again
    For being nothing more than who I am
    So break my bones and throw your stones
    We all know that life ain't fair
    But there's more of us we're everywhere

    We don't have to take this back against the wall
    We don't have to take this we can end it all

    I look forward to the day when everyone can live their lives peacefully while being true to themselves. I'm proud to say that I've helped a little, I've raised 2 kids, who are now adults that have no hesitation accepting anyone's orientation. Infact, they are confused at why anyone has a problem with it. :-) I couldn't be more proud.

    JPM6966 at

    P.S. I have pimped this on FB, don't have Twitter.

  7. Thanks for participating in this great blog hop.


  8. Thanks for your insights Ladies, hopping off now - only another 215 to go!

  9. Thanks for sharing the stupid things people have said.

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  10. Love is love!
    I am a blog follower and I follow both MJ and Piper on twitter.

  11. Love a chance to win. And I am already a follower. kbmckee at mail dot com (yes it's mail not gmail)

  12. Great post! Peoples stupidity always amazes me.

    +3 following the blog, Piper and MJ
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  13. Hey, thanks a bunch for tackling biphobia with this one, ladies. I've heard all of those on a regular basis for the last ten years and I hate that it still has the power to make me angry... but hey. We're getting there.


    I follow y'all here and at twitter.

  14. Terrific post. I hope one day a blog against homophobia won't be necessary. One baby step at a time it seems.


    I follow you both here. My fingers run faster than my brain at times so no tweeting for me.

  15. great post :) I am already a follower!

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  16. I can't tell you how many times I have heard most of those exact comments! Whether it is the 'come-ons' or the negative ones, they never fail to piss me off. Hopefully, one day we won't have to be insulted by hearing such things. I only hope I live long enough to see it.

  17. People's desires shouldn't have to be forced into a binary code. It's a shame you get ignorance from all sides. Maybe things will change soon, thanks to posts like yours.


  18. Thank you for sharing this with us today

  19. Wow some people are such ignorant morons! Thanks for the giveaway and being part of the Hop.

    I'm a follower of Babes in Boyland +1
    I follow you both on Twitter. (redjen76) +2

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  20. Some people can be stuck on stupid and really don't stop to listen to themselves talk...
    I follow you guys and also on twitter:-)

  21. Wow, that's quite a list - you're usually so frank and honest here, I'd love to know what some of your responses were. :)

  22. It's depressing how familiar those comments are to so many of us
    -_- Awesome post!

  23. Thanks for sharing. Great post. +1 I follow Babes in Boyland.


  24. Great post! I also follow on Twitter, Facebook, Babes, and Goodreads.

  25. So people say the most rediculous things, well they are the "gross" ones... It isn't hard to be nice! Anyway loved your post,

  26. Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity. I loved one of the stories by Piper and I would be thrilled to win one co-authored.

  27. It is fear and ignorance at its very worst imo. And people say such things so casually.

  28. Gosh, didn't their moms teach these people some manners? Whatever happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Some people are a little blind, I think...

    GFC: Ashley Van Buren

  29. Sorry you guys had to deal with such ignoramuses. I am a follower.

  30. So many don't think about how words are just as hurtful. Thanks for participating in the hop. This is a great cause that I pray one day will not be needed.

  31. Thanks for being a part of this great blog hop! :)

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    I also follow you on Twitter :)

    ~ Penumbra

  32. Hi girls, thanks so much for taking part.

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    Erica :)
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  33. Thanks for sharing!

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  34. Thanks...please cont me in. Follower, chellebee66 at gmail dot com

  35. Hiya gals! I am loving this blog hop and all that it is standing for, thank you for being a part of it. I am looking forward to getting to know ya'll better and getting a chance to hang out in Oct in ABQ! ::happy bouncing inserted here::

    I follow ya'll here and have posted on fb (!/profile.php?id=1161461243) JulieBites at gmail dot com

  36. Sorry there is still so much ignorance out there. Thanks for sharing and taking part in the hop.

    lmbrownauthor at gmail dot com

  37. boo to the haters! and thanks for sharing and caring. :)

  38. Thanks for sharing and participating!! It's ridiculous the comments people will make. And extremely ignorant. Thanks for speaking out. I'm a follower and my twitter is @chickie434. Also, posted on twitter numerous times (!/chickie434/status/203758489582047232;!/chickie434/status/203607995077230593) just to name 2. Oh, and I'm a follower. I think I covered everything. Thanks again!!


  39. Thanks for sharing!


  40. Great post. It's time to get with the 21st century.

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  41. I've just become a follower!!! It just shows the stupidity of some people, ignore 'em....they're idiots!

  42. Great post. Thanks for the contest. My son when he was 3 was told by his father to tell someone he was sorry for calling them stupid. He looked at his father and said, "I'm sorry you're stupid." I have wanted to say that to several people many times since then and it would probably be an appropriate response to any of the above questions or comments that people make.

  43. Great post, I've unfortunately heard some of those things many times. What's worse, some of them were comments from family. That always hurts just that little bit more.

    I follow both of you on Twitter, and I also follow this blog.

    Keep up the good work, ladies. <3

  44. Thank you for posting! It's sad to see that sometimes as a Bi you can't win, you get flak from all directions! Even get accused from LG people of being straight! And of course being Bi makes you a slut. This hop is a great opportunity to learn more about LGBTQ people and their experiences and I hope it will help to reduce prejudice especially those we LGBTQ might have among ourselves!

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  45. Great post. People sometime don't realise how hurtfull and stupid their comments are.

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  46. Love the post, thanks for being part of the hop.

    +1 I already follow your blog

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  47. It amazes me sometimes what people have the nerve to say to others who are different than they are. It is just ignorance, and it is terrible.

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  48. Hi Piper and M.J. thanks for your contribution. Why it's so easy to hurt and not to be able to just love, I will never understand.

  49. Hello Piper and M.J.,

    What a Wonderful Post & I'd like to Thank You both for participating in the Hop Against Homophobia.

    I believe everyone deserves to be Openly Happy in Life, to be with the Person who Loves & Completes Them, without having to be subjected to the ignorance of some close-minded people. True Love does not see Race, Gender, Socio-Economic Status, etc….if people understood that, there would be so much more Happiness in this World….We Could Hope, Right???

    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway & if by chance I am lucky enough to win, I would LOVE to read "The Luckiest" because I read "Moonlight Becomes You" & it was AMAZING, what a FANTASTIC Read!!!!!

    Unfortunately I am not a member of Facebook or Twitter, bit I Follower of Babes in Boyland via email & I am a GFC Follower under PaParanormalFan, also Goodreads Friends & Fan of your Ladies under PaParanormalFan.

    Thank You Again for participating in the Hop Against Homophobia.

    Take Care & Wishing you Both Well,
    PaParanormalFan Renee
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  50. I am so glad my beautiful daughter never encountered homophobia at school. Everyone Loved her then and still Love her now. Everyone knew she was gay BEFORE she was hired where she works at and even her partner just started working at the same place.
    To me, homophobia is an excuse. An excuse to not acknowledge that something *IS* because it was meant to be. I'm going to use me as an example, not an example of me being homophobic but an example of what I did when I encounter homosexualism. While growing up I never heard the word gay in my house thus I started middle school not even knowing what a gay person was. I heard the other boys call a boy in my class a *faggot* amongst other things and I had no idea what they were saying. Through the years and even after I knew what the word meant I didn't know anyone who was openly gay so it was never in my mind. Once my oldest daughter came to me and told me she was gay, even though I was scare at first, the first thing I did was research. Years later I'm still reading about and coming up with the most interesting things all the time, some very good, some, well... ignorant. Like the Phelps family and their cult followers. There is a word for these type of people, and sorry, it is NOT ignorant. They are just Sociopaths who don't like anything that does not conform to their beliefs. There are too many people who CHOOSE to be their puppets, unfortunately. Here's a couple of interesting things for you to share with your readers. The first one is a test done by a panel of psychologists on homophobia...

    The second is a very interesting read for those who are believers... I'm not a believer but still find it quite interesting...
    Enjoy and thanks for participating in Hop and sharing your views with us!
    For My Children I will Continue Fighting!
    For My Children My Voice Will Never Be Silenced!
    Sandra Rush