Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Love is Always Write

Today is Wednesday, and since I actually have a WIP of my own to share, I figured I'd post a bit. This is a little clip from my LiAW story for the M/M Romance Group over on Goodreads. I'd say I'm about halfway into it maybe. Hoping to finish it soon, and the finished product will be available at some point over the summer. For now, enjoy!


Forty minutes, three Ms. Pac-Man games, four rounds of Street Fighter, and two pinball machine battles later, Quinn was standing in a crowd watching Cooper get his ass handed to him by a kid who couldn’t have been more than twelve. They were several songs into Dance Dance Revolution, and the kid was cool as a cucumber. Cooper, on the other hand, was pink-faced and drenched in sweat. At some point during a tricky foot combination, his hat had flown off, revealing thick black curls sadly flattened by the cap he was rarely without. Quinn wanted to touch them. He always wanted to touch them. He’d been wondering if they would be coarse like curly hair often was or soft the way he imagined in his fantasies. Maybe tonight he’d finally get to find out.  

A few seconds more and Cooper missed a step, then couldn’t seem to regain his rhythm. The round ended and Cooper leaned against the balance bar, his smile showing signs of obvious relief. “Good job, kid,” he panted, holding his hand out to the boy who’d effectively trounced him. The kid shook his hand and smiled back. Quinn almost laughed. Cooper was almost doubled over, and the kid didn’t even look winded.

Cooper gingerly stepped off the machine, wincing slightly. Quinn grinned and handed him his hat. “Sore?”

“Yeah.” Cooper ran a hand along the outside of his right thigh. “Man, I’m getting too old for this.”

“You’re twenty-one,” Quinn said with a laugh.

Cooper gave him a crooked smile as he settled the baseball cap on his head, bill backward. “Then I guess I need to start working out more often.”

Quinn wanted to say something to the contrary. Man, did he want to. Cooper might not have had some ripped, bodybuilder physique with massive biceps and a washboard stomach, but he was long and he was lean, and in Quinn’s opinion, pretty much perfect. But in an arcade, surrounded by kids and couples and other guys their age? Not exactly the best setting for a love confession.

“Want to head out and find Lonnie and Patrick?” Cooper asked. “They’re probably headed back this way.”

“Mind if we check those out first?” Quinn nodded toward the line of photo booths across the arcade. There were a bunch of the newer ones where you could add effects and choose from different frames and backgrounds, but there were also a couple of older ones that looked like they’d been produced sometime in the ’80s. Those were the ones he was interested in.


Quinn glanced sideways at Cooper. “You can wait outside if you want. My mom and I used to go into these booths all the time when I was a kid. We have a collection of photo strips on our fridge back home. I think she’d like it if I sent her some.”

“Aww, what a good boy you are.” Cooper laughed and reached out to pat his head. “I can’t just let you take those pictures alone, though. A few maybe, but then we’ll do some together. Your mom will just have to put up with my ugly mug, too.”

“She thinks you’re adorable,” Quinn said. He’d never mentioned it to Cooper before, but it was true. He’d sent her a picture of the two of them from a camping trip they’d taken with Lonnie and Patrick the previous fall, and she’d commented on how cute Cooper was. Then she’d promptly asked if they were dating. Quinn was sad to have to say no.

Cooper grinned. “Really? Well, then I guess she won’t mind at all.”

They made their way over to one of the older booths and shoved themselves inside. Quinn adjusted the stool to his height while Cooper yanked the curtain closed behind them. Luckily, Cooper was only an inch or two taller, so the setting would work for them both, although it wasn’t like there was very much room for the two of them to sit down anyway…unless Cooper sat on his lap. Quinn felt his cock stiffen at the thought and groaned inwardly. He couldn’t help it, though. Cooper was pressed right up against him as he fed quarters into the machine. Quinn was literally surrounded by Cooper’s smell—clean sweat, the soap he used to wash his clothes, the citrusy scent of his shampoo. All Quinn wanted to do was close his eyes and just inhale.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Cooper said, seemingly oblivious to how utterly turned on Quinn was. “We can do some serious ones first, and then we’ll just get stupid.”

And so it started. With some creative leg positioning, Cooper managed to squeeze onto the stool next to him. The serious poses didn’t last very long. Soon Cooper was making the most ridiculous faces ever, and Quinn, who could see Cooper’s expressions in the mirrored lens, was laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath.

“I think we only have two left,” Cooper murmured after they’d finished a few sessions. Quinn felt the scratch of stubble and the brush of lips across his cheek. “Mind if I taste you?”

Quinn jerked, but he didn’t even have time to process the words before the scrape of Cooper’s stubble was replaced by the slick glide of his tongue. 


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  2. Hello!!! Love that next to last line. Can't wait to read more! :D