Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wanting Series Contest Results

Well, TriMomF got the closest, but no one actually got both answers right.

For question #1 from Wanting, the sexual favor Laurie wanted was for Jonah to top him for the first time. (TriMomF, unfortunately your answer for this one is not entirely correct because it was clearly stated in the story itself that the prize he claimed would be a sexual favor, so just saying sex is too vague. It needed to be the act he specifically requested from Jonah.)

For question #2 from Giving In, the gift was a promise ring. It wasn't going to be a proposal or anything, but a promise of love and staying true and maybe eventually making the commitment to be together forever.

Since no one got the answers exactly right, I won't be giving out any of the original prizes. However, TriMomF, since you actually did get fairly close, I will instead offer you the choice of any book from my backlist in the format of your choosing. That means you can pick from: Zombie Wonderland, Moonlight Becomes You, Cross Bones (which I have only in PDF or PRC/MOBI), or The Luckiest. Please let me know if you would like any of these. There wasn't an email address in your comment or on your Blogger profile, so I have no way of reaching you aside from hoping you see this post.

Thanks for playing, everyone!



  1. I knew Giving In was a ring. I just could not figure out what Wanting was. I would never have thought of Jonah topping Laurie. Oh well! Glad to have answers :)

    1. Yep, that's what he wanted. :) Laurie is actually versatile, which is why he bottomed (unwisely) for Travis. There was just never a good opportunity for it in "Wanting," so I never put it in.

  2. Awesome! I'd like the Moonlight Becomes You. epub version would be great but can do pdf as well. My email fbmcneal @!


    1. Hey Frances! I didn't realize that was you. Hehe. I'll send it over. :)