Sunday, April 15, 2012

Old Books - final update

Okay, since I've been asked a couple of times, I'll give it the old announcement on here:)

Nearly all of the old books are back. A Little Bite of Magic won't be until it gets republished later this spring/summer by Rooster & Pig publishing. I'm pretty sure I already said that a few times. Sorry if I did!

There are some things about each of them that I changed (except Cold Moon) . Not huge things. I would have liked to with the oldest books, but there really wasn't time this year. It would NOT be worth it to buy them again if you already have them. Not at all.

Self publishing has been quite an adventure. I have massive respect for all the formatters, uploaders, and people who do tedious frustrating tasks like that for all of us. You are awesome! (And probably far better than I am at it). The most fun I had was making a new cover for Unintended. I'll put it down below for kicks.

That's all for now...


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