Thursday, April 19, 2012

Impromptu Contest Time! - Wanting Series

Hi, all! So, for the first time since Giving In's release, someone finally asked the question! I know what you're thinking. What question? The question, ladies and gents... What gift (for Laurie) was burning a hole in Jonah's pocket on Valentine's Day?

But, see, that's not the only unanswered question in the Wanting series. Remember the prize Laurie won during his and Jo's game of hide 'n' seek in the first book? The prize he said he was going to claim at the end of the story? Well, I never said what that prize was either. But do I know the answer to that and the question above? I sure do! So, let's make it a game then. To win you have to guess both the prize Laurie claimed at the end of Wanting and the gift Jo wanted to give him on Valentine's Day. If you win, I'll give you your choice of one (1) of the following prizes:

1) Any book I release between now and April 2013 in the format of your choice (including paperbacks and books co-written with M.J.).

2) A character by the name of your choosing in one of my upcoming projects. You give me your top 3 name choices; I pick the one I like best. You can also choose hair, eye color, and ethnicity. (Note: It can't be a name I've already used, and if by some chance all of the names you choose are ones I already have plans for, I will ask you to choose again.)

3) A story written for and dedicated to you, to be delivered as soon as possible, but no later than 12/31/12 (my schedule is pretty heavy at this time, but I will attempt to deliver it in a timely fashion). Find a picture or write me a "Dear Author" letter, and I guarantee a story of at least 5,000 words with an HEA or HFN ending at the very least. (Note: There are some topics that are outside of my writing comfort zone. Those are: rape, BDSM, scat/water sports, torture, and, well, basically the subjects most publishers will refuse also. The one exception is that I will write twincest, if requested. Once the story has been completed and read by you, I reserve the right to either submit it for publishing, self-publish it, or post it for free on the sites of my choosing; however, the story will clearly be dedicated to you no matter which option I choose.)

Contest closes: Sunday, April 22, 9PM CDT.

And that's it! If you feeling like playing, I wish you luck. The answers aren't very hard to guess. :) (If more than one person answers correctly, winner will be chosen by random drawing using

Thanks for playing!




  1. Ok, I'm gonna guess that Laurie's prize at the end of Wanting was a blowjob:O)!

    I'm guessing that Jo had a necklace with something engraved on it in his pocket for Laurie on Valentines day.

  2. Okay just finished rereading both of them. I could so overthink this, but I think I would so complicate it. So I am sticking to what first popped into my mind when I first read the stories. So my guesses:

    Wanting - Laurie claims his prize as a blowjob

    Giving In - I think it's a ring, but I don't think it is a left hand, ring finger type of ring. Just something that they will know is for the two of them.

  3. Hi
    I think Laurie gave Jonah a blowjob as the hide and seek prize
    I think Jonah's gift is a bead bracelet with an eternity type symbol (he has one too of course!)


  4. Here's a hint. Out if the 3 commenters above, one got one answer right, but no one got both right. Since I gave this hint to everyone, and didn't give any initially, I'll allow the 3 people who commented above one more guess. Everyone after this point only gets one! :P

  5. I want to change my first answer. I think Laurie's prize was a kiss at the end of Wanting:).

  6. My guess is:
    Wanting - a spanking
    Giving In - is the matching beaded bracelet with the eternity type symboly

  7. Okay my revision -

    Wanting - prize claimed is kisses

    Giving in - I still think it is a ring of some sort

  8. Wanting: a kiss
    Giving In: Beaded matching bracelet.


  9. This is tough!
    I think in Wanting Laurie's prize was Jonah's love (getting out of that freezing water!)
    In Giving In my guess would be Jonah was giving Laurie a ring.
    That is what I think!

  10. Wanting: I will say a kiss, because of the logistics of their location

    Giving In: an engraved, rather personal ring (one that's too large for a finger but too small for a wrist, if I may be coy)

    Trix [vitajex(at)aol(dot)com]

  11. Wanting: his prize was jonahs love

    Giving in: gift was sexy underoos :)

  12. For wanting it has to be a sexual favor so I'd guess sex.
    Giving in, I kept thinking a ring of some kind.