Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday

So, I just decided to be totally random and put up the songs I heard on the way to my mom's house earlier in the exact order I heard

1. This song didn't get any intro on the radio, and in Seattle it doesn't really need one. They might as well say "Here's another song by God." That's kind of how Pearl Jam (mostly Eddie) is treated round these parts. Just in case you weren't fed Pearl Jam for breakfast every day like I was, this is Yellow Ledbetter....

2. Demigods. :)

Foo Fighers -- Best of You

3. Super adorable. The Lumineers -- Ho Hey

4. More adorable. I think the morning DJ (her name is Red) had some really good coffee.

Group Love -- Tongue Tied

ETA...apparently this one is on an iPod commercial. I liked it better before I knew that. Sigh....

Anyway, happy Monday and keep looking and listening for new music. There's some fun stuff out there:)

♥ MJ

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