Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday--Skins Playlist:)

It's my turn for music monday! So, I've gathered a group of songs that I call 'Skins Music', as in the TV show Skins (and if you've never watched it DO it right away--the original UK version. The american one is no bueno).

Now, this music has (probably) never been on the show, at least not that I remember, but it captures the mood of the show, and the sound of the theme song. All kind of druggie badass, all kind of technoalterna something. It's a cool sound. I have a big folder in my ipod filled with it. I'll start with the show theme to give you the idea. I found a track that plays all of them from season one to four. I think it's cool how it evolves...and then I'll move on to my "Skins music". Enjoy!


P.S. Some of these aren't the official video for the song because of Vevo issues. Apparently it doesn't play on blogs.

SKINS THEME EVOLUTION--maybe I'm just a big music dork, but I really love how it's the same melody but it changes and grows.

MJ'S SKINS PLAYLIST (or at least part of it)

The Naked and Famous--Young Blood

The Joy Formidable--Whirring

MGMT--Time To Pretend

Arcade Fire--Ready to Start

Foster the People--Helena Beat

Joy Formidable--The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade

Okay, that's enough! I don't think you guys want to hear my WHOLE playlist. LOL. Have a great week:) Don't forget about tattoo Tuesday tomorrow!

ETA..I just had a weird moment. I found a trailer for the new season of Skins (which I've never seen before) and they totally used one of these songs! (The Arcade Fire one) Maybe my next job will be picking music for TV shows. LOL...


  1. Oh no you don't have a 'next job' picking music... You're much too busy typing up brilliance for your hungry masses young lady. LoL sorry went kinda misery there for a second. Thank you for the songs.

  2. Not sure if all of the tracks have been played on the programmes

    but full listings are at

    Cos I am sure there's a bit more room on the i-pod :o)


  3. Thanks for the link Kate:)

    @Owen. LOL. Don't worry. I doubt Hollywood is going to be calling any time soon:)