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Babes In Boyland Welcomes Kari Gregg!

Welcome Kari:)

We're happy to have Kari Gregg join us for our third day of Riptide pre-celebrating. Remember to leave your email in your comment to Kari if you'd like to be entered for any of Riptide's great prizes. I'll be sending in the list after tomorrow's post!!

On to Kari's interview:)

When did you start the adventure of writing?
I penned my first tome in the womb...or not. I started writing in college, just short pieces and magazine fillers. I finished my first novel at 29.It was dreadful. I finished my 2nd, only marginally less horrible book shortly thereafter and then had the good sense to get knocked up. Ze babies forced me to slow down, study my craft and grow as a writer.

Have you always loved romance writing?
Oh yes. I don't think I've ever written anything that didn't at least have romantic elements in it. To me, any book that doesn't include a romantic thread is disingenuous. Especially if there are men in these books. Men think about sex, what, every third second of any given day?

Where do you find your inspiration?
Any- and everywhere. Spoils of War was inspired, in part, by the Book of Daniel. I, Omega was born of my thinking and thinking about how

the animal nature of shifters seemed to have been divorced from them and if shifters were animals that had an extra, human nature instead of the other way around, what would that be like? Lovely Wicked came from a trailer park I drive by on my way to work every day.

What's the funniest scene you've ever written?
I finally let my sense of humor out to play in In the Red, a m/m BDSM mystery to be released at Loose Id. My forensic accountant is...wonderfully insane. He retreated to the mountains of western Maryland after he was abducted and (mysteriously) and began amassing enough weaponry to declared. And lamps. Lots and lots and LOTS of lamps. ;-)

What's the most romantic scene you've ever written?
Micah and Eli, in Spoils of War. When Eli forces Micah to face the fact that Micah is not a slave, but rather a nobleman and that Eli himself is actually the slave -- Micah's slave. Micah's love for Eli then, the love they have for each other, is just so...It gets me, every time.

When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?
I volunteer in my community with kids programs and I run a food pantry as part of my day job. Helping people makes me feel good. And of course, I likeZombie flicks. Hiking (as long as absolutely NO camping is involved).

A quick quiz: Answer as fast as you can.
Favorite Hero: Cam in Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts
Favorite Dessert: chocolate lava cake
Favorite Villain: the Riddler
Favorite Song: Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie Hawkins (current morning ride into work wail-along song)

Have you ever written to music? No. I may play a few songs to set my mood, but nothing once I start typing away.
What music? Take Me to the Top by Loverboy for those stalker-y type love scenes. Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park for angry, Sleeping in the Fire by WASP for dark and angsty...I don't know, dude. Depends on what emotion I need to reset inside my head.

Tell us about your work: (include blurbs and/or excerpts.)
The idea for Collared came to me after meeting a guy I knew in high school a few years ago. I hadn't seen him since our bad old days. Once upon a time, the guy was brilliant. Fun. Sexy. I would've said he had the world at his feet. When I ran into him, he was living in a shack in the mountains, far enough off the beaten path that the cops didn't care enough about the hassle enough to find his crop of dope. Anyway, we started talking and he gave me the lowdown on how the government was doping the masses (that'd be you and me, pal) with hormones in our meat and genetically altered crops.


The dude has way more confidence in our government's organization skilz than I ever will.

Also, don't do drugs.


Trans-Global IT director Connor Witt is a rare and prized anomaly: the aggression centers in his brain have been suppressed rather thanstimulated by the mutated crops that so recently took over the world’s food supply. Bewildered by his physical changes and terrified of a world growing more and more predatory, Connor risks harassment and worse until Trans-Global CEO David Martin collars Connor to protect him against men like security consultant Emmett Drake. Men who stalk Connor as sweet, sexy prey. Men to whom the newly submissive Connor feels irresistibly drawn.
But David can’t be Connor’s master; David’s straight. He promises to find a worthy man, though. One willing to court and appreciate Connor as more than just some rich man’s toy.
While the world adapts to the biological disaster and new laws strip away Connor’s rights, David’s resolve to protect his boy slowly grows into something more. But can his new desires keep pace with Emmett’s determination to claim Connor?
One man offers safety; the other is a safer bet. Problem is, Connor’s never sure which is which. The one thing he does know? He wants them both.

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  1. Sounds like and interesting AU! I can't wait to read it. =)

  2. Oh that looks awesome! I'm very intrigued! Another great interview MJ and Piper!

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  6. It's always good to see you Kari. ALL WAYS! :)
    I really enjoyed your inner-view. *grin*
    I am trying ever so hard to be patient waiting for Collared.. and NOW I have another one to watch for as well.. WOOT!
    Do you have a release date for 'In the Red'?
    Congrats on all of your upcoming releases and
    especially big WOOTS on being a first wave Riptide Author..

  7. Very interesting (and kinda sad) to learn of the inspiration for Collared :D

  8. Thanks for commenting, guys! (I am sneaking a look-see at work...and going to hell FO SHO, lol.)

    CAS, In the Red's tentatively scheduled for January at Loose Id, I think. You'll love it -- I finally let my smartass come out to play inside a story. ;D

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    Another book for my must have list!

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