Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Book--New Giveaway!!

Little Magic Kickoff Contest!!

Piper and I are very excited about the start of a new joint series, published by Republica Press, that we're calling "Little Magic". We're already working on two other series together (Lucky Moon and one that has one book complete but is still forthcoming). This time we're doing it a bit differently! Instead of writing each book together, we're alternating and writing every other book on our own. It's something we've done with short stories in the same world, in the Crossbones Anthology, now it'll just be with full books:)

This first one, A Little Bite of Magic, is a paranormal romantic foodie comedy (say that five times quickly!). The first book is light and fun, but the tone will change for each book depending on the two romantic leads.

Here is some blurb action:
In a family full of powerful witches, Frankie Vallerand is the black sheep. He doesn’t care about honing his magic. All he wants is to open up a restaurant and spend his days serving up delicious food. But when he sees a customer crying and wishes for her to be happy, he inadvertently transforms his old wooden soup spoon into a wand, and realizes that maybe a little bit of magic is just what his customers need.

Addison Allbright is The Phantom Foodie, an anonymous food critic notorious for his scathing reviews. For most people, being paid to eat would be a dream job. Not for Addison. He doesn’t care for overpriced designer food. He’s a tea and toast kind of guy. Until both the food and the owner of L'Osteria Di Pomodoro sweep him off his feet and throw his neat, orderly life completely off-kilter.

Frankie isn’t sure how to tell Addison he’s a witch, or that he charmed Addison’s food the night they first met, without sounding totally crazy. But little does he know that Addison has secrets too. Not only did he snark Frankie’s restaurant in his last review column, he’s also engaged to be married…to a woman.


Since it's the start of a new series we're running TWO simultaneous contests:) See below for full details.

The Rules (For the Basic Drawing)
Leave a comment on this entry with your name and email address. That counts as one entry. If you want to toss your name into the pot more than once, you can do one, or all, of the following:

-Be a follower of Babes in Boyland +1 (If you're already a follower, that counts too! Just mention it. :))
-Pimp this contest on your Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads status, etc., and provide us with a link to said promotion(s). +1 per link
-Follow us on Twitter! (See the sidebar for our names and links to our accounts). If your Twitter name is different than the one you use here, please let us know. +1 for each of us

The Rules (For the Special Contest): You will need a second part to your comment if you'd like to play the Special's time to be creative!! Tell me what power you'd want the most if you were a witch. AND this is the time to make stuff up! It can be combinations of things you've heard of, something totally new. Anything you want!

For this one, I'm going to pick my favorite:) You'll get a copy of the book, of course, AND you'll be a supporting magical character in the next "Little Magic" book that I write with the character name of your choice! (Piper is writing these books as well, so it may not be the second in the series).

**If the magical skill winner happens to win the drawing, I'll draw again, so there will be two books given away no matter what.**

...And that's it!
Contest ends: 9/12/2011, Monday, at 9PM PST Note: We will contact the winner via email. The winner will have 48 hours(until 9PM PST, 9/14/2011) to contact us, or we will draw again.

Winner will be chosen by random drawing.

And I know it shouldn’t have to be said, but if you win, please respect the intellectual property of the author and don’t share the book or give it away to anyone else.
This contest is open to adults age 18 and up. Your comment confirms that you are of legal age.*~

This contest is open to everyone no matter where you live!
Be sure to add A Little Bite of Magic to your TBR shelf!

Edited to add: Last minute details were taken care of. The book for sure comes out tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Piper and MJ! I'd love a chance to win A Little Bite of Magic - the blurb sounds like it could a lot of fun!
    Hmm, my witchy power I would like - being able to connect to the Akashic Records. (for info on Akashic records see here:-
    But a more mundane ability, shape shift to a cat... because I love curling up and snoozing in the sun.


    +1 ~ follower

  2. Hello Ladies,

    Lets see, I already follow this blog and have for a while, I also have no problem pimping any of the books you two write on FB or GR or to my friends, because I already did and because I'm shameless like that with the things I love and the people I care for.

    What else, oh, if I had to have a special power, I'd wish I was a Leaper (Quantum Leap) to "Put right what once went wrong."

    That's all my ladies and may this book rock the readers, one dish at a time!!!

  3. Hi M J,

    Wow can't wait to read this. Food magic and men what more could u want. And from M J too ;-D

    If I could have a magical power I think it would have to be to heal. I'd love to be able to read minds but I'm sure that would drive u up the wall eventually.

    But healing means u can give someone a gift :-D

    Oh I follow u both on twitter as heart tarty and the Blog too.

    Email addy sarahs7836(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Oh count me in on this one! I'm a bit of a foodie, so this is definitely up my alley!
    Ok +1 for following

    I am having a really hard time limiting myself to one "special" talent, but my first 2 choices would be to be invisible, to see what is going on, be able to help, or hinder as the case may be without anyone knowing;) But, I would be in the know abut everything! Muuhaaaa;) and I would really really like to be able to make people more calm and harmonious ( including myself;), sort of take the wind out of a lot of aggression.

    My addy is :

  5. Oh yes count me in, I'm a major foodie and I've been called a witch before ;)
    +1 for following

    My special talent would be to dematerialize and travel to wherever I think about. Hmmm, I think Italy for some good food and wine would be my first destination.

  6. I like the idea of flying or teleportation, but in the end, my geekness prevails: I'd love to be able to use and understand any language, including non-human and artificial ones (like programming languages).


  7. I'd love to be in the contest -
    +1 for following

    My magic power would be clearing people's eyes so that they saw themselves without all the little insecurities and self-image issues that get in our way.


  8. Count me in!!!

    For my magical power I would want to be able to manipulate matter at the atomic level. This would allow creating things seemingly out of thin air, speeding healing (increase blood flow, knit skin together, etc), invisibility (manipulate light spectra), flying (manipulate air molecules to lift me) and so much more. =)

  9. I can't wait until this comes out! I love cute witch/magic stories so this series should be perfect for me!

    Hmm, my first choice of magical abilities was teleportation/dematerialization, but since that's already been picked, I'll choose something else. I would go with being able to fly without using a broom or magic carpet or anything. I could go wherever I wanted and have fun, too! It's a bird, it's a it's LACEY!!! :D

  10. Oh, I forgot to leave my email for the first contest :)


  11. Oh please count me in! I love food and this sounds adorable. (Plus the engaged-to-a-lady part makes me tingle with excitement.)

    +1 - follower of the blog
    +2 - follower of both your Twitter accounts

    I'd actually like to be an empath. Why? Because some people who are hurting a lot tend to hide the hurt, and no one is able to get to them until it's too late. Being an empath would mean I am more sensitive to their emotions, and I would be able to tell when a person is depressed and perhaps I will be able to prevent them from committing suicide or doing something equally as bad. It's going to be a handy power in terms of actually reaching out to people who are in need of human comfort and whatnot. :)

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. Oh yeah, I forgot to put this but my Twitter account is @bicarbonates. :)

  13. Oh, this sounds good! I'm a follower via Google Reader. And I'm posting about the contest in linkity tomorrow. :)

    Magical skill. Hmm. Well, I already have Finding and Rock Star Parking... I think Teleportation, because I have friends in Australia, New Zealand, South Carolina, etc, who are going through rough times and really could use some hugs and support.

  14. Ooh~ Yes! I'd love to enter!! \o/


    +1 = following blog
    +4 = pimpage HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
    +2 = following both on twitter. :3 (UsrName: Arella3173)
    Hm, As for what power I would want if I were a witch... That's hard to say. I think I'd have to go with... Astral Projection. lol, Of course I'd also love to have the basic power of telekinesis and spell/potion making but What I would LOVE as a Main power would be, Astral Projecting. As for why? well, What could be cooler than literally being in two places at once? Sure once you release your astral projection you won't know what your other self is really doing, just kinda subconsciously know, but once your astral projection comes back to you, you then experience every single thing It felt. Know It's new knowledge and everything! I find it fascinating. lol... :D

  15. There are some awesome ones so far!! It's already going to be hard to pick...

    this might just be the biggest cast of supporting witches since harry potter. lol.

  16. I'm leaving a comment and I am a follower! :)

    My magic power would be to do glamours. I would get rid of the bags under my eyes after staying up half the night reading m/m romance. *grin*

  17. Please sign me up! This looks good. +1 for being a blog follower.

    If I had to choose a magical power I think I'd like being able to control the elements (earth, wind, air, fire). *imagines herself as Storm from the X-Men* That would be awesome because you could always be comfortable & dry...& you could make sure your enemies were always cold & wet. LOL

  18. Count me in. adara adaraohare com
    +1 follow blog
    +2 follow twitters

    A magic power. Hrm. I want to snap my fingers and have things be clean and put away, sort of like in Mary Poppins. Wouldn't that be a lovely thing?? *le sigh* =)

  19. These series sound great. I love magical stories!

    The mind power I would like includes waving my hand and shutting up my teenager until he is able to say something intelligent like "Yes, mom, you are correct. I will do what you suggest." And he actually does it.

  20. Count me in.

    +1 for following

  21. Count me in please:)
    +1 for Following
    A magical power to shape shift to a dragon. Instead of "breathing fire" that burns it would heal...people and nature:)


  22. Please count me in! No, not a follower right now :(

    My special power would be to manipulate the time: Shorten when necessary and add several hours when desired! Yes, you can guess, my days are always too short!

  23. Please count me in!!

    Hmm, I think my power would be to talk to animals. Animals are around so much that most people don't even notice them, and it would be highly entertaining to watch people guess how I know all that I do. =)

    snowy1677 @

  24. Would love to win this book :-)

    smaccall AT

  25. If I were a witch I'd want the power to heal people, from a distance so no one would know it was me doing it, and to move objects with my mind just to mess people up with a prank here and there between using any power I have to help and protect people.

  26. Count me in please!
    +1 for Following

    Witch power. Well, I want all the above (mwa-ha-ha). Just joking, my fav superhero is Batman, who has like zero magical power, only his tools. Nothing drastic to me :)
    I want color-changing as my power. Practical and girlie :D So I can change the color of my hair, eyes (without contacts yay:P or nails. Also clothes, walls etc. with only one touch. Yep, sounds super fun.

    edit: cayce006 at yahoo dot com

  27. Count me in please. I just "followed" using my google account

    I would want the ability to teleport, both by myself and with others. Also, it might be fun if the teleportation went a little wonky when highly emotional (not necessarily in emergency situations, but say like in the middle of sex accidentally teleport somewhere else or when startled). Think of all the time and money you could save just by being able to teleport to whereever you need to be. And you could do weekend getaways anywhere in the world without having to fly there & waste 1/2 the weekend on just getting there & back.



  28. haha sounds great
    hmm 'll need a while to ponder ze witchy powers

  29. Hi, Kathleen! Sorry, but this contest closed at 9PM on 9/12. The winners have already been announced. But we have another contest going on right now for an upcoming M/M paranormal romance. Feel free to enter that contest! :D