Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Lucky: Win an ebook copy of "Moonlight Becomes You", Plus Swag!

Here we go again, ladies and gents! This time we actually have a special contest. We have two grand prizes, both which include an ebook copy of our upcoming (as in tomorrow :P) release, Moonlight Becomes You, along with the swag in the picture below:

(To clarify, the swag package includes: "Get Lucky" bracelets in all four colors (bonus: they glow in the dark!), two sticky note pads, and a "Get Lucky" tote (14"x14"x3").)

But, as a bonus, we will be giving one "Get Lucky" bracelet to the first 20 entrants in the color of their choice (black text on pink, green on light blue, hot pink on purple-pink, & black on green)! If the winners happen to be among the first 20 entrants, we will give bracelets to entrants 21 and 22 as well.

What is this whole "Get Lucky" thing, you ask? Well, Moonlight Becomes You is the first in our "Lucky Moon" series, which will be a total of 3 books, each featuring a protag connected to the band Luck. We decided we wanted a slogan for the whole series, and, thus, "Get Lucky" was born. And we kind of like it. :D

So, even though this is a special contest, all the normal rules apply. And, just FYI for all of our overseas friends,  this contest *is* still open worldwide. Feel free to enter no matter where you live. :D


The Rules

Leave a comment on this entry with your name and email address. That counts as one entry. If you want to toss your name into the pot more than once, you can do one, or all, of the following:

-Be a follower of Babes in Boyland +1 (If you're already a follower, that counts too! Just mention it. :))
-Pimp this contest on your Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads status, etc., and provide us with a link to said promotion(s). +1 per link
-Follow us on Twitter! (See the sidebar for our names and links to our accounts). If your Twitter name is different than the one you use here, please let us know. +1 for each of us

And that's it!

Contest ends: 8/14/2011, Sunday, at 9PM CST
Note: We will contact the winners via email. The winners will have 48 hours (until 9PM CST, 8/16/2011) to contact us, or we will draw again.

Winners will be chosen by random drawing.

And I know it shouldn’t have to be said, but if you win, please respect the intellectual property of the authors (us) and don’t share the book or give it away to anyone else.

~*This contest is open to adults age 18 and up. Your comment confirms that you are of legal age.*~

Thanks for playing!


  1. that cover is like totally smoking!! Can't wait to read it ;)

  2. Hi, would love to enter:)
    Tj -
    Also I will be adding you to the blogs I follow:)

  3. Do you want to be entered in the contest DD?

  4. I'd love another chance to win this, so please count me in!


    +1 - following blog


  5. We only have four official entries. The next ten people, make sure to add your color of choice in your entry so we don't have to ask you later:) There are lots of all 4 colors so choose away!

    (heather, i need your email!)

  6. Sign me up for the loot! :D Sorry, my inner brat just came out to play!

    +1 for following your blog


    ps~ love that cover!

  7. I really loved both your entries to HSD's so I'm looking forward to this join venture.

    I like the hot pink on purple pink but I'm easy, they are all nice looking.

    Kristin S.

    +1 already following blog
    +1 already following MJ on Twitter & FB
    +1 already following Piper on Twitter & FB

  8. I'd LOVE another chance to win this one!!
    blue bracelet please

    Courtney S

  9. Please! I'd like to enter!!
    and if i made/make it on time... I'd like the blue bracelet please! xD Thank You!!


    +1 Following blog
    +2 following both on twitter (UsrName: Arella3173)
    +2 Pimped HERE and HERE.

    Thanks so much!!

  10. I must at least comment on how thrilled I am to see this book coming out - yay! I really, really want to get lucky, so I'd love to be entered (huh, not sure that sounds right:)! All the bracelets are totally cool, but I really like the black on green.

    So awesome!!!

    +1 blog follower

  11. Hey, I'd still love a chance for this book.

    I tweeted @mcsc2008



  12. Ooh, this book looks pretty good! Please sign me up. my email is lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com.

  13. Count me in


    +1 blog follower

  14. Count me in, the book sounds amazing!

    So many pretty bracelets, but the hot pink on purple-pink would be my choice.


    +1 blog follower

  15. I love stories revolving around rock bands! The book sounds great, please count me in as well.

    + 1. I follow your blog


  16. Great cover count me in ladies. Can't wait to read the book. My email is johnsonmlisa@ and I love all of the bracelets. But if I had to choose, I pick the blue one. Much success with Moonlight Becomes You. I'm following.


  17. I don't want to be entered in the contest (I don't think it's fair since I helped beta the story), but I wouldn't mind a black on green bracelet. =)

  18. This sounds cool! Thanks for the contest!

    By the way I just became a follower and I wouldn't mind having the black on green bracelet.


    Thanks guys!

  19. For you, Adara? Anything! LOL. Send me your snail mail addy, yeah?

  20. OH! PLEASE! PLEASE! I would love to win this. Thank you.

  21. I would love to win this package. Also, if the bracelets are still available, I would love the black on green (green on blue would be my second choice). The shamrock reminds me of my grandfather. He always loved any "Kiss me I'm Irish, etc things.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    *sent by Amara's fb post :D

  22. Can't help looking forward to this! Loved the shorts in More than Moonlight (thanks for the freebie via GR)
    Purple and pink are my colours (but anything else is fine )
    I have to go Anonymous 'cos I'm not on anything but you know me -

  23. This book sounds fantastic so please enter me in the contest (and I'd pick the purple and pink bracelet). Thanks!

    Heather W.

  24. I could use some luck. :D

    Congrats on your new release!


  25. Sounds great!
    I like the green on light blue!

  26. @MJ - yes, I want to be entered, apparently my computer decided to eat the part where I put my email ;)

  27. I'm apparently too late *whimper, whimper*! This is what I get for working late. (Is the poor me routine working? Cause I can beg with the best of them)! :P
    I like the pink one.

    And you Mademoiselle know my email. Love this contest, you guys are doing a fabulous job on this blog.

  28. You're in DD:) and I'll count your original position for a bracelet if the new one is too late!

  29. Hey, I'd love to enter :) My name's Lauren, and my email address is :D

    I also follow this blog, plus I follow both of you on twitter (@la_laaauuren)


  30. Please count me in!

  31. Oh, please count me in! I was about to grab this on Loose Id, but I found this instead. *grins*


    +1 - blog follower
    +2 - follower of both of you on Twitter (@bicarbonates)

    Lots of love and support,
    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  32. Congratulations on your new release, sounds like a very fun series idea.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  33. an old gfc follower

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  34. Okay, I'm entering again for a chance at the e-book, you said enter as many times up to the 14th right? I have to say it's hard not to just buy MBY now that its out! Have a great weekend everyone.

  35. Oh, I forgot to put my e-mail and my MM Group name, which is my real name, Monica. My e-mail is

  36. I love giveaways and I'm on a roll winning on average, a book a day.I hope my luck continues here...
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  37. Thanks for the giveaway! "Moonlight Becomes You" sounds like a good read :-)

    smaccall AT

  38. I love MJ's books.. would love to be entered in to this.


    I follow you both on twitter :-D

    The books sound great guys

  39. oppp... forgot... im heartytarty on twitter :-D

  40. Ok, even if I don't win, I'll still plan on reading it. Just would read it a lot quicker, if I did win! Lol

  41. Great cover! Sure, count me in too.

  42. I'm so entering. The book sounds very interesting and well I just like you girls and your excellent taste in music, for one. ( and I think you both follow me on Twitter too @tiafielding)

    - Tia

  43. How could I have missed this when I'm following you both on twitter? *sigh* Maybe I need new glassses lol


    and the cover is lovely :)

  44. MJ, crap here my email address. I thought it autoposted.

    And I follow you both on twitter as thinkwithin

  45. Oh, and you don't have to sign me up for the ebook copy. I've already read it and thoroughly enjoyed it.